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Land Collection

One of my favorite parts of traveling, is living from only the most necessary items that I can carry. With various terrains and seasons to consider, the best course of action is taking only what you really need. And it turns out that what you need is often not much at all. With less things to occupy the mind, freedom comes easily and this is when the adventures find you. 

Wide open spaces of greens and browns, are everything and nothingness all at once. The space you cannot measure, the hills and nooks where others have passed before you, shaped by the wind and the ocean over millions of moons. The ridges from distant places cut through the big colorful emptiness above. These grounding tones of nature touch some deep prehistoric part of us, and immediately everything makes sense. 

And the most valuable part of the adventure is coming home a little different --a little fatter, a little wiser,  a little more compassionate, and a little more  connected with humankind.