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Born in England descending from South India, Anupama Nagaraj was exposed to a wide range of cultures from an early age. Having Lived in 3 continents by the age of 11, she quickly became accustom to otherness. Growing up as an only-child, she often retreated into her imagination for amusement. Creating elaborate worlds came easily and were a welcomed retreat from change around her. Never knowing quite where she belonged, a curiosity about identity soon developed, and travel became a necessity. 

By far her favorite parts of traveling are navigating the unknown, and surrendering to the kindness of strangers. Beyond the metaphysical journey, she is fascinated in discovering human commonalities and finding herself in the unfamiliar. 

AANU was a natural progression, combining Anupama Nagaraj's great loves: travel, entertaining at home and nesting. Inspired by fading memories, vivid palettes and rich textiles from her travels, AANU channels daydreams into products for the home.