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hello world


hello world

Atelier Anu

Last year ended with an unexpected twist which brought all of my life's constants into question: Where do I want to live? What really matters? What am I doing, anyway? 

I finally gave myself permission to admit that despite putting in blood, sweat, and tears, a career in advertising simply isn’t ever going to fulfill me. The truth is, even living in NYC with every creature comfort, a niggling voice inside me screaming “IS THIS IT??” has never disappeared. There must be another way. I want to be able to completely ignore the grid for a few days, have a conversation when someone calls me, and go to sleep knowing I've made some contribution in the world. 

I decided then to make a big change in my life; to simplify and s l o w d o w n. Now I’m on a quest to bring balance into my life and shift focus to quality. All I know is love making things with my hands, enjoy helping others, and empathy comes naturally to me. And if I’m working 60 hours a week - I want it to be for something real. I’m not exactly sure how all this will come together…but I do know I don’t want to work so hard in pursuit of capitalism, and I definitely don’t need more stuff. 

First up is presenting AANU to the world, both to showcase and document work, and as my commitment to the pursuit of fulfillment and creativity. à bientôt Anu x x